You Should Do A Professional HIV PEP In Singapore

You Should Do A Professional HIV PEP In Singapore

HIV-infected people feel healthy and fit for several years. But when their number of CD4 drops significantly, they begin to show signs of other diseases. These symptoms may include night sweats, oral thrush, sudden weight loss, swollen glands in the groin, armpit or neck, fatigue or endless diarrhea. Getting all or some of the above symptoms means that you have HIV. Maybe you have another illness that needs the attention of a doctor and HIV PEP Singapore.

A blood test is a routine method of detecting HIV. The test detects if you have antibodies that your body produces to fight HIV. He can also look for antigens, a form of protein located in the HIV cell. If you test shortly after your last episode of risk, you will find many antigens in your blood. Antigens cease to be detected after the first few weeks of infection. Antibodies take up to ninety days in your blood from the day of infection. There are tests that can detect both antigens and antibodies.

After testing, you can get a positive or negative result. In any case, your results must be confirmed in your local laboratory. The result can be for one week. An oral test kit for HIV testing is also very common. The infected person will have antibodies in the saliva that will be detected by this kit. Please note that getting HIV from saliva is not possible. If the test detects antibodies in your saliva, the result will be positive. However, do not settle for this positive result.

You can conduct a blood test in the clinic to confirm your result. If you think you have recently contracted this virus, you should still see a doctor. He or she can give you the drug after exposure (HIV PEP). PEP stops HIV from replicating and spreading in your body, therefore, reduces your chances of becoming HIV-positive. If you are not a health professional, you will be provided with a non-professional HIV PEP Singapore. This type of protected area is provided to someone who is exposed to HIV outside the workplace.

But you must quickly appear to start treatment within seventy-two hours after infection with the virus. You will take two to three antiretroviral drugs for twenty-eight days. Nausea should be expected as a side effect, although not all people will have it. Please note that prophylaxis after discharge is not 100 percent effective. It is now possible to purchase a kit for HIV testing in most developed countries. But there are trademarks that you should look for to confirm that the product you want has gone through certain regulatory processes to ensure security.