Turn Around Your Company’s Productivity By Employee Recognition

Turn Around Your Company’s Productivity By Employee Recognition

We invest a lot to ensure improved performance for our organizations but we could do more. Employee recognition entails acknowledgement of your employee’s efforts towards achieving the company’s goals and values. You pay your employees for their duty but there are times when they do exceptional work and this calls for their recognition. The recognition shows your employees that you do not take their work for granted but you appreciate them and this encourage your employees to work harder.

Employees who are recognized will:

•Feel motivated which in turn increases their productivity.

•Go beyond your expectation in their work.

•Have a sense of ownership of the company and thus enhances responsibility.

•Be more loyal to the company and even safeguard company’s secrets like not sharing ingredients and procedures of the company with potential competitors.

•Feel obliged to market the company’s products by praising them to family and friends increasing sales.

•Boost their morale at work so they may even come earlier than its required of them and also readily take any duty assigned to them.

•Encourages team work especially when employees are recognized as a group. In doing this ensure you appreciate each person’s contribution to achieving the company’s goals.

•Encourage the employee’s retention in the company so that the worker stays longer in the company which translates to better service since they are more experienced.

•Bring motivation to the individual and also challenge other workers to work harder.

•Create a conducive working environment especially when there is group recognition.

There are various scenarios where employee recognition should happen and some are:

•When the employees production surpasses the company’s target.

•Employee follow the standard operating procedures for the company lowering the cost of production by minimizing wastage.

•The employee time of service is long enough and this encourages other employees to stay in the company.

In conclusion, employee recognition is paramount if a company is to grow and become more stable. Whichever way you look at it, it pays to recognize your work and at the end you benefit more. Make it a practice to recognize your employees and the outcome will surprise you.